How Frequent Should You Have Your FounderGroup Meetings?

How Frequent Should You Schedule FounderGroup Meetings

One of the things your group will need to decide is how often your group will want to meet. From what we’ve seen, successful groups meet on a consistent basis, and they just schedule their meetings as a recurring calendar event. This way, the group gets in a habit of knowing that thing always happens at the same time during the week or month. It really does help alleviate member cancellations, as founders tend to carve out time in their packed schedules when the meetings are consistent.

It’s also important to note, in this article we’re really just talking about official scheduled group meetings. From what we’ve seen, once founders develop a bond with their group members, they meet individually outside of their group meetings all the time, and this is something we highly encourage.

So, how often should you schedule your recurring group meetings? From our experience, the answer is “it depends”. From what we’ve seen, there are 2 main factors in determining the frequency of scheduled group meetings: the company stage and the convenience.

Company Stage

From what we’ve seen, when a group is comprised of founders in their early stage, perhaps less than 1 year old, it’s typically better to meet more frequently. At this stage, there’s just a lot of things happening in the life of the company and the founder that you’ll need the encouragement, advice, and support from fellow founders more often. We recommend setting a recurring group meeting every week or every other week. Since you’re having these meetings more frequently, you can consider having shorter meetings.

When your company becomes more mature, aligning founder schedules and finding time will become much more challenging. At this stage, we recommend scheduling recurring meetings once a month to preserve consistency.


This may seem very obvious, but the more conveniently located the group meetings are, the easier it’ll be to hold frequent meetings. If you know you’re the type of entrepreneur to need more frequent meetings with your group, you might want to filter for other founders who live or work pretty close to your normal meeting location.

For example, if your FounderGroup members are all located at the same co-working space…meeting once a week is pretty reasonable no matter what stage your company is in. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if your FounderGroup is somehow comprised of founders who are located in various cities across the country, then your group may thrive meetings once or twice a year for a founder’s retreat.

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