How to Write an Email Template To Introduce 2 People

intro email template

Recently, I’ve been getting more requests to introduce 2 of my connections to each other, and I realized I still don’t have a goto email template for it.

So, I did some research into common best practices for intro emails, and I’m sharing this intro email template below. I’ve now used it several dozen times now, and it seems pretty simple and effective. It’s now part of my text snippet collection that I keep as a keyboard shortcut, which saves quite a bit of time/thought as these introductions become more common the more I engage in professional networking.

Before using the email template below, here are a few suggestions you may want to keep in mind before clicking send:

  • Make sure both parties are actually ok with this direct introduction BEFORE you actually send this intro email. This email is merely the formality of the introduction, but both parties should already be aware that this is coming.
  • Make sure you use the proper email addresses for the specific context. Both parties might want a specific email address to be used in the context of this connection.
  • Keep the email short. Quickly make an intro…you’ve done your part, it’s their responsibility to follow-up.

Feel free to use this Intro Email Template below, and let us know what you think in the comments below. We’re happy to keep this post updated if we can even better refine this email template. Everything in brackets is for you to fill in with your specific content.


[friend] meet [other-friend]


Hi [friend] & [other-friend],

I was just chatting with [other-friend] about [something], and thought you two should meet! You both [something-in-common] and could have some interesting conversations.

[friend] is the [job-title] at [company], [1 or 2 sentence description of their bio]

[other-friend] is the [job-title] at [company], [1 or 2 sentence description of their bio]

I hope you can find some time to connect! Feel free to take me off this email.


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