YPO Membership Requirements and Cost

YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization) is an membership-based entrepreneur organization for highly successful entrepreneurs. Below is a brief breakdown of the membership cost and membership requirements for becoming a YPO member.

We do notice some fee hikes over the years, so definitely check with them directly for the most up-to-date pricing.

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Membership Fees

  • Initiation Fee
    • $3,500
  • Annual YPO Dues
    • $3,525
  • Annual Local Chapter Dues
    • $2,000 – $7,000 (depending on local chapter)

Membership Requirements

  • Qualifying Title
    • Must be a top position of a qualifying company including President, Chairman of the Board, CEO, Managing Director, or Managing Partner.
    • Only 1 person per qualifying company or qualifying division of a company.
  • Qualifying Age
    • Must be under 45
  • Qualifying Corporation
    • Must fall under qualification Category “A” or “B”
      • Category “A”
        • The corporation must have at least 50 regular full-time employees, OR
        • The corporation’s payroll must exceed USD$2,000,000 and have 15 employees minimum
      • Category “B”
        • The corporation must meet minimum revenue requirements ranging from $10M to $260M based on industry, OR
        • The corporation must have an enterprise value of $20M

Membership Application

  • Apply here to become a member of YPO
    • YPO Application


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